Introduction Last updated: March 7, 2022


This is the documentation page for the official Boathouse Connect RESTful API. Contained here are all of the public API endpoints available to members of Boathouse Connect. Before getting started, please read through the entire Introduction section of this documentation.

The Boathouse Connect API is designed to give rowing organizations even more control of their daily operations and of their data. We designed the Boathouse Connect API to give you the power to do nearly everything that is possible in our own user interface. In addition to this API, Boathouse Connect is proud to be on Zapier to help even non-developers extract benefit from this API.


The Boathouse Connect API is updated regularly to keep pace with our expanding platform. All of the API endpoints listed in this documentation are valid for the current version of the API. When it comes time to remove endpoints, a Deprecated tag will accompany it along with information on which endpoint(s) to replace it with.

We release multiple times per month and the API endpoints/responses may change at any moment without warning. If you are building a custom integration that heavily relies on certain endpoints, get in touch with us so we can notify you about potential breaking changes before they happen.

Base URL

All API calls will start with the base url

For Example: to get a users' general details, the endpoint will be listed as users/generalDetails To make the call you would go to


Boathouse Connect uses API tokens to validate the request. Users can either supply you with an API token from their My Profile page, or you can request one using the endpoints in the Authentication section below if they will provide you with a email address and a password. Every request must include the API token as the parameter "token" in either the URL or in the body of the request. For example a GET request might look like this:

Try It

With every endpoint in this documentation, you will see a Try It! button. This will allow you to see a request as well as a sample response that you would receive if used that endpoint with your credentials. Make sure you get an API token from the authentication/generateApiToken endpoint first!


Don't know how to write code or don't want to keep up with changes to APIs? That is where Zapier comes in! Using our integration with Zapier, you can utilize our most popular API endpoints to connect Boathouse Connect with 2,000+ other apps and services. Read more about it on our Zapier Info page!

Don't like coding?

Checkout our integration with Zapier! Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect Boathouse Connect to over 3,000+ other applications & services Go To Zapier