Basic overview of the Boathouse Connect API, current version, base url, authentication, etc.
How to make authenticated API calls, API Tokens, and general security of the application / endpoints.
Whitelabels are the different organizations that are on Boathouse Connect.
Rowers, coaches, coxswains, board members, etc. Everything about how they interact with the platform.
Groups are a way of classifying users into different segments. You can set permissions, practices, communications, and more with users inside of groups.
Practices / Regattas
Were all about the rowing, practices and regattas are where it happens! Manage practices and regatta planners (lineups, events, attendance, etc.)
No boat, No Rowing. Create/Read/Update/Delete equipment, set usage permissions, see whats available, create notes, etc.
Notifications, emails & text messages. Control who gets messages and when.
Rowing clubs need funds to operate. This collection of endpoints will help manage everything about the financial health of the organization.
Ever need additional information from your membership or just want to test the waters? Custom surveys are the way to do it!
All about our Zapier integrations.

Don't like coding?

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