Our Team

About Our Team

As the world of rowing is constantly growing and evolving, Boathouse Connect is up for the challenge of building exciting new features to help our clients improve their day-to-day operations. Based in Broomfield, Colorado, Boathouse Connect has a distributed team with team members living and working throughout the United States.

Our Team

Michael Merwin

Founder, Lead Developer
Joined Spring 2011

Nabeel Rana

Mobile Apps Developer
Joined Fall 2020

Grace Gagliardi

Sales Representative
Joined Summer 2021

Betsy Bayliss

Full Stack Web Developer
Joined Summer 2022

Roman Sammartino

DevOps Engineer
Joined Summer 2022

Sarah Catto

Content Creator and Social Media Manager
Joined Winter 2022

Lindsay Merwin

Operations Assistant
Joined Winter 2022

Forrest Allen

Full Stack Web Developer
Joined Fall 2021