Boathouse Rewards©

By Boathouse Connect

What are Boathouse Rewards?

Boathouse Rewards are a way to help your organization earn free stuff! By completing specific actions such as verifying your emergency contact information each year, or adding your USRowing ID number, you earn points that the organization can redeem for rewards. See the triggers section below to understand how you can earn points for your organization.


Collective Points Earned by all organizations


Points Redeemed by all organizations
Current Rewards

10 Boat Straps

If your boats are stored outside, or your club travels frequently, new boat straps are always needed. For 250 points, your club will receive 10 new Boathouse Connect boat straps. We will reach out to get a proper mailing address as well as what size straps you want.

250 Points

4-pack of 100 nuts & washers

Boat hardware is always in short supply. Redeeming this reward for 600 points, you will get 200 10mm stainless-steel nuts & washers AND 200 7/16" stainless-steel nuts & washers. If all of your boats are the same size, you can request to receive 400 of one size instead of 200 each.

600 Points

Concept 2 oar carrier

The Concept2 Oar Carrier helps you carry four sweep oars or two pairs of sculls so that they are balanced for carrying and protected on the way to and from the dock. Made of 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood, we send these unfinished so you can paint them in your team colors for easy identification.

1,100 Points

Replacement rowing shoes

Get a brand new set of rowing shoes for one of your seats. When redeeming this reward, specify which boat will receive the shoes and we will make sure that they will be a match.

1,300 Points

Bow number set

In-person regattas will happen again soon enough! Be prepared with a set of bow numbers from Vespoli.

2,000 Points

Free month of Boathouse Connect

Want to skip a monthly payment? Redeem this reward for 2,500 points to get the next month of Boathouse Connect for free!

2,500 Points

NK gear bag

The NK Gear Bag features multiple compartments with adjustable dividers that can easily swallow up a Cox-Box, mic, charger, SpeedCoach, Maintenance Kit, tools and more.

2,500 Points

8 Concept 2 oar grips (sweep or sculling)

Get new grips for an 8+ or for a 4x worth of oars! Choose between 8 sweep grips or 8 sculling grips.

2,900 Points

NK Cox Box spare battery

Replacement/Spare battery pack for NK Cox Box.

4,000 Points

Vespoli large boat-slings

Pair of Large/Tall boat slings for eights and coxed fours. Wide spread feet for stability. Redeem this reward to receive a set of 2 slings. Not for long term storage or "unattended" outside storage. Base of slings is approximately 18.6" x 26.25". Height is 35".

6,100 Points

How to Earn Points

Boathouse Rewards points are earned by completing certain activities that trigger points. Points can be triggered by either individuals (your rowers) completing certain tasks, or by the organization as a whole completing certain tasks. Each point earning activity can only be triggered a certain number of times by each user or by the organization, some can only be triggered once while others can be triggered multiple times per year.

Point Triggers

Points Frequency Trigger Description
1 Yearly Update rowing preferences Update your personal rowing preferences at least once / year. Earns 1 point / user / year
1 Yearly Verify emergency contact Verify your personal emergency contact at least once per year. Earns 1 point / user / year
1 Once Add USRowing number Add your personal USRowing number to your profile. If USRowing numbers are bulk-imported, one point per account will be added.
2 Yearly Attend one practice 2 points earned for each different user that attends a practice every year. Points are only earned after the user is placed in a lineup at the start time of a practice
2 Quarterly Update your weight Weight of each rower varies throughout the year. Rowers that update their weight every 3 months will be rewarded with 2 points each time.
Points Frequency Trigger Description
5 Once Create first group When an organization creates their first group and adds at least one member to the group.
10 Once Link USRowing account for waiver verification Link the organizations USRowing account and automatically import waiver and membership status monthly. Points will also be earned for adding a USRowing waiver when new members join.
5 Once Add first stakeholder Add your first stakeholder in a group. This can only be earned once, not for each group.
5 Once Add first boat First time adding a boat to the organizations equipment inventory.
5 Once Add first set of oars First time adding a set of oars to the organizations equipment inventory.
10 Once Create a practice series automatically create multiple practices from a single series. This can only be redeemed once.

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Boathouse Rewards© triggers and rewards may change at any time without prior notice. Points collected by abusing loop-holes in triggers or by other fraudulent means may be voided and may result in disqualification from the Boathouse Rewards program. All points earned are periodically reviewed by Boathouse Connect admins for inaccuracies and points may be adjusted up/down accordingly. Report issues with reward triggers as soon as possible. Issues with point collection after 30 days of the trigger event may not be corrected.